Cycling Donauradweg

Baja – Border Hungary/Serbia - Novo Selo


I started in Hungary in the morning. At the EU's outer border soldiers were stationed every 100m to protect it. Unfortunately I had to realize on the tour that my air pump, which I haven't used for years, doesn't fit anymore tight enough on the valve and at gas stations like 4 bar are just rarely available. Therefore I used the small traffic jam at the border post to borrow an air pump from Team Nankang-Dynatek, who waited behind me and came home from a competition. I inflated my bike to be able to ride more easily again (front wheel: 9 bar, back wheel: 5 bar). After passing the border, they also offered me a drink from their service vehicle. But unfortunately I refused because I still had enough.
Shortly after that another welding seam of my front carrier was broken and 1 bottle was damaged by it and got a leck. So I had to cook lunch quickly to save as much water as possible. There I also met a 60-year-old man, who also still goes sometimes on larger bicycle tours.
All in all from Serbia on the streets were like rag rugs. However, the landscape was very beautiful and the people were also very nice and interested. In the evening while setting up my tent I was bitten by lots of mosquitoes, whose aggressiveness increases from Serbia on.
Length 174.7 km
Elevation Gain 292 m
Elevation Loss 299 m
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created: 26.05.2018
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