Cycling Donauradweg

Belgrade - Kubin


Unfortunately I could not exchange my remaining forint in Serbia and had to withdraw money. Only euros, US dollars and sometimes Swiss francs are accepted at the exchange offices.
I started in the morning over the fort and visited the city until noon. Outside Belgrade the air was very bad due to oil refineries and at some point the road stopped and ended at a highway exit. In order not to end up as a ghost driver and to get out of the industrial area I then had to take the highway access on the other side and make my first highway kilometer up to the next exit.
Afterwards came a beautiful nature park with a bad uneven gravel road. So I drove carefully and a little slower, because I was exhausted from the day before anyway. Today I met the first other bicycle tourists since Budapest. During the day it was very hot and dry and there were only few possibilities to fill up my water supplies. Towards evening one could observe, how the shepherds rounded up their cattle and I stayed overnight for the first time without tarp after I was of course well bitten by moscitos again.
On the way I had to clean my bike bottle more exactly today, because I noticed that it starts to mold from the inside and as I get further and further east the sun always sets constantly 5-10 minutes earlier every day.
Length 87.1 km
Duration 5:18 h
Move Time 5:03 h
Ø-Speed 17 km/h
Elevation Gain 257 m
Elevation Loss 278 m
Owner Stefan
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created: 28.05.2018
last modified: 28.05.2018


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