With the use of our provided services (the website www.trackbib.com) you agree to the following conditions. Please read them attentively and stick to them, if you want to continue to use the services provided by us (Stefan Kunz).


Changes in Conditions of Use

We keep the right to change the conditions of use. You are always subject to the conditions, that are in use, when you are using one of our provided services.


We try to keep the quality of the content offered by our provided services as high as possible. However, the content of the tours provided by the website www.trackbib.com and published by its users cannot all be reviewed by us. Because of this, the tours only can be seen as tour suggestions. Before a tour is carried out, everyone has to inform himself about the local conditions in order to make his own decision about the feasibility of a tour. We accept no liability for any damages, which occurred during the tour or were caused by it.
Additionally the ratings and comments of the tours are not influenced by us. Every registered user can publish own tours, ratings and comments. We just display to you the content stored at us by our users and their average ratings. If you discover any violations of rights don't hesitate to contact us. We will try to solve them as soon as possible.
Furthermore, we cannot guarantee the ongoing persistence of our provided services. Therefore, we also cannot be made liable for any data loss, which affects our services.

Place of Jurisdiction

All disputes concerning one of our provided services are governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
If any condition in our terms is invalid the other conditions are not affected by it and keep still valid.

User Conditions


Your personal data, as well as all other data stored by you at us will be stored exclusively encrypted. We respect the principle of data minimization and store only the data necessary for the delivery of our services.
The personal data collected will only be used to provide you with the services requested by us and for our own marketing purposes (email newsletter), if you have given your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time in your account settings by deleting your account or unsubscribing individual notifications and services. In addition, we offer you in every email notification sent by us the option to unsubscribe from this type of notification by clicking on the link contained in its footer.
We don't sell your personal data to third parties. If you use one of our provided services carried out by a third party and we have to relay for this purpose some of your personal data, we will point this out in advance.
For further information on privacy read our Privacy Statement.

Electronic communication

If you use our services, you accept to receive emails from us that are essential for the use of our services. In your account settings you can select, which additional email notifications you want to receive. You also accept to receive emails to conclude a contract.

Copyright Law and Database Rights

The whole content provided by our services like text, graphics, pictures, GPS tracks, logos, icons etc. is possessed by us or third parties and is therefore protected by copyright law. Citations in form of screenshots and text extracts are allowed for non-commercial publications, if they are labeled properly. Without written permission by us, you are not allowed to replicate parts of our services in any other form.
We reserve the right to publish the data contained in our services and thereby made publicly available in relation with our services also at other locations.
The website www.trackbib.com, which is part of our provided services is a specialized portal for the publication, presentation and sharing of GPS based tours of any kind. The copyright of the tours published on www.trackbib.com is still held by their authors.
By creating a new tour on www.trackbib.com you grant us as authors free of charge unlimited and unrestricted usage rights for your data uploaded to www.trackbib.com and produced by it. This also includes the right to modify this data to be able to provide our services and for presentation purposes.
These granted rights can be revoked at anytime by deleting the tour from www.trackbib.com. However for the case, that data of your tour has been published in relation with our services at other locations. You allow us to still use it there until it gets removed or updated and replaced by new content.

Your account

If you are using our services, you are responsible, that your user credentials (username and password) are not given to third parties. You have to store your password safely.
You are not allowed to to damage or interrupt our provided services. As well as to cheat, to commit illegal crimes, to insult persons, to spread fear or to cause inconveniences using one of our services.
In this case you agree, that you take the full responsibility for your actions and you support our cooperation with the responsible public authorities.
Also we reserve the right to delete or deactivate your account, if it has been inactive for more than one year. In this case we will inform you in time to give you the chance to re-activate your account.
In addition we cannot guarantee the continuous availability of our offered data and services. If they are not available due to technical problems or maintenance works, we want to apologize us and hope you understand, that we cannot be held responsible for the loss of any data.

Communication and Content

Please use a polite tone in your conversations. If you upload content to one of our services, you ensure that you own all rights for the content and no third parties own any rights on it. Also you agree, that you take the full responsibility for it. Possible content, which can be uploaded by users includes text, images and GPS tracks. In addition, you ensure that you have checked the links embedded by you in the textual descriptions of your tours at the time of their linking for possible legal violations and that no illegal contents were recognizable at this time. As soon as you become aware of any legal infringements on websites linked to by you, you have to remove the links to them, which have been embedded by you, immediately.
We reserve the right to remove content violating our usage conditions. Also you allow us to outsource specific steps in the processing tour content or the delivery of our services to third parties to be able to provide our services. If this is done in unencrypted form, we will inform you in advance.
A tour downloaded from the website www.trackbib.com is only intended as a tour suggestion for inspiration and private usage. You agree, that you previously will inform yourself about the local laws and restrictions. Also you will keep them in mind during planing and carrying out the tour and you will follow them.