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Novo Selo - Belgrad


In the morning I was bitten a lot by mosquitoes while preparing to continue my journey. Shortly after the start my GPS device (Garmin Dakota 20), which till now never had any problem during one week tours, got a firmware bug (memory full). This bug prevented its boot process until I found out, that a reset of the device is possible by clicking into the upper left corner during the the boot process. Then I saved the track recordings as good as possible with my tablet (the data from the previous day was lost) and transfer the planned tour back to the GPS device to be able to continue navigating along it again. For the future I will from now on always archive my recorded track daily, that it not anymore present in memory, because automatic archiving of, when the memory is full, obviously does not work reliably.
Afterwards I got to know a nice welcoming Serbian family on the way, where I could fill up my water and was invited to a Serbian lunch. After that I continued over Novi Sad to Belgrade mostly on good streets, but in the end with increasing traffic. Just after I had exceeded 100 km there were a few hills with a rough gravel road and a construction site, which slowed me down a little. On the way my chain once jumped of the smallest cogwheel in the back and was stuck so, that I had to unscrew the carrier a little to get it out again, because the carrier's screws stick out a little. To prevent this in future and to protect my chain from now on I did not use the smallest and the largest rear cogwheel anymore and adjusted the limit stop of the rear derailleur accordingly.
In the evening in Belgrade I already had arranged an appointment with a host where I could stay overnight. She gave me good tips for the next day to visit the city and once again let me feel the Serbian hospitality, when we cooked together in the evening.
Length 177.5 km
Elevation Gain 595 m
Elevation Loss 651 m
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created: 27.05.2018
last modified: 27.05.2018


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