Cycling Donauradweg

Cozla - Statue of Decebalus - Iron Gate (Border Romania/Serbia) - Border Serbia/Bulgaria - Bregovo


In the morning I still had a little sore muscles in my legs and cycled nicely along the road to the statue of Decebalus. Today I increased my daily electrolytes to avoid a potassium deficiency and to consume all my reserves until Constanța. In front of the iron gate there was a lot of traffic on the road and afterwards in the cyrillic part Serbia I headed directly towards Bulgaria.
Unfortunately, I did not get hold of any sweet croissants at the bakery. One filled with a soft sausage and one with something that had the consistency of raw minced meat. The Danube remained large and beautiful and my route continued on roads with little traffic. In the last town before the border I met the next two cycling tourists on the Danube Bike Path traveling with their tandem. There was also a small celebration in the evening, where all the children were in costumes.
Afterwards I went to Bulgaria. Exchanging money was not possible again, so I previously made additional purchases in Serbia to avoid having to withdraw money in Bulgaria. There directly after the first town I stayed overnight in a thorn hedge, where my air mattress unfortunately got a leak and I lost a tent peg.
Length 164.6 km
Duration 8:34 h
Move Time 8:19 h
Ø-Speed 20 km/h
Elevation Gain 1,022 m
Elevation Loss 999 m
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created: 30.05.2018
last modified: 30.05.2018


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