Cycling Donauradweg

Mizia – Orjahovo - Zimnicea


This morning I was still a little weakened, but the diarrhoea was good again, but today my ass then burned more in the middle instead of at the ischial tuberosities.
In Orjahovo I took the ferry to Romania. On the way there I had to replace an expander holding my saddlebag, because it broke and then wrapped itself in my rear wheel. I paid for the ferry by credit card, because I didn't have any Euros or Leva with me.
In Romania I started buying water, because people told me their tap water is not drinkeable. Since Rumania there is in the supermarkets unfortunately also only white bread and toast, that I need a whole body of bread for lunch.
In the course of the day I met the first cyclists who drive the Danube cycle path backwards and the further I drove, the better the landscape and area along my route became. Children often waited at the side of the road to give me a ride.
In Romania there were more and more endless one-way villages with stork nests on the power pylons and some lizards were sunning themselves on the way. Compared to Bulgaria, the number of barking watchdogs hunting you has increased even further. However, above 35 km/h they can no longer keep up. The very high proportion of German car brands was also striking. In the evening I stayed overnight directly at the road and pitched my tent there without stakes, but I also had to realize that I must have forgotten some during disassembling of the tent in the morning. While cooking I noticed, that the automatic igniter of my camping stove no longer works and from now on I have to take a lighter. Today, I also got slight blisters on the palm of my hands and stomach cramps at dinner, probably from the day before, where I had eaten almost nothing and drank mainly electrolytes.
Also I experienced for the first time some slight motivation problems, because the area where I cycled today did not attract me too much yet. Scenically it was similar to the area around Baja: good roads, sometimes dog carcass smell and small villages.
Length 142.4 km
Duration 5:42 h
Move Time 5:28 h
Ø-Speed 26 km/h
Elevation Gain 390 m
Elevation Loss 339 m
Owner Stefan
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created: 01.06.2018
last modified: 01.06.2018


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